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Capped Communities in the area


Charleston County (including Goat Island)
The residential zones in unincorporated areas of Charleston County only allow STR's in two categories: Limited Home Rental (an owner occupied dwelling that is rented for a period not to exceed 72 days) and an Extended Home Rental (either an owner or non-owner occupied dwelling that is rented for a period not to exceed 144 day).  Extended Home Rental applicants must obtain Site Plan approval and a special exception approval.

Town of Mt. Pleasant
The Town of Mt. Pleasant capped short-term rental licenses at 400.   

Town of Sullivan’s Island
The Town of Sullivan's Island prohibited new vacation rentals over 20 years ago.  Vacation rentals lawfully used during the twelve months prior to November 21, 2000 could continue to use the property as a Vacation Renal so long as they remained in compliance with all Town ordinances and registration requirements.

Dewees Island

The Dewees Island 1975 Conservation Easement charges the SC Department of Natural Resources with enforcing the protections and safeguards contained therein. SCDNR determined that unrestrained and unregulated commercial activity on Dewees associated with short term rentals would have a detrimental impact on the natural resources on and around Dewees and constituted a violation of the Conservation Easement. Unless and until the Dewees Island Property Owners Association presents an approved framework addressing short term rentals, no short term rental licenses will be approved.

City of Charleston (including Daniel Island)

Whole home short-term rentals are prohibited in the City of Charleston. Under the current ordinance, homeowners are required to inhabit the home while hosting short-term guests, and no more than four adults may occupy a short-term rental at once. The homeowner does not have to physically be in the home at all times while guests are there, but at least one full-time resident must sleep there each night of the renters’ stay. In order to accommodate pre-existing short-term rentals in the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood, a STR Overlay district was created. No changes were made to that neighborhood, with the exception of an annual permit renewal.

City of Folly Beach

On February 7, 2023, a Special Election was held resulting in the residents of Folly Beach voting to cap the number of investor business licenses issued for short term rental businesses at 800.  There are currently approximately 1020 short term rental licenses issued and The City of Folly Beach expects it to take 2-3 years to eliminate the 220 short term rental business licenses issued that are now over and above the cap established by the vote.  

Town of James Island

The Town of James Island does not allow property owners to rent their home out as a short-term rental, which is less than 30 days that can be rented on a nightly, weekend, or weekly basis on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc. if the home is not owner-occupied.  In order to have a legal Bed & Breakfast or short-term rental for less than 30 days, the home must be full-time owner-occupied and go through the correct application process.

Town of Kiawah Island

In 2019, The Town of Kiawah Island enacted a revised short-term rental ordinance to establish a 20% cap in their R-1 and R-2 zoning districts.  

City of Beaufort

Per City of Beaufort Short Term Rental Ordinance, neighborhoods within the City’s jurisdiction (excluding The Point) are capped at 6% of residentially zoned parcels that are allowed to operate as short term rentals. Some residential zones have a complete ban on short-term rental use.

City of Myrtle Beach

Most traditional residential neighborhoods in the City of Myrtle Beach are NOT zoned for short-term rentals. “Short-term” means any rental of less than 90 days. 

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